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Best Knee Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad | Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan

knee replacement surgery

Edited Version | 28 Feb 2021 | Hyderabad

Rome was not built in a day but they were laying bricks every hour. Similarly, the trust of our patients was not built in a day; we worked diligently for 50 years for them. We were successful in winning the hearts of our patients by providing them with quality services and state of art amenities to make them feel at home .

Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan Owned Germanten Hospital is located in the most Prime Place of the Hyderabad city and this is our Trump card which facilitates our patients to reach us easily. Being a leading multispecialty hospital in Hyderabad , we put our efforts on constantly elevating the patient’s experience. We believe in holistic patient-centric approach which drives us to be one of the distinguished service contributors to the healthcare industry. Our proactive team of best Orthopedic doctors and Joint, Knee Replacement surgeons treats the patient with compassion and utmost care. When patients enter Germanten Hospital we treat them as our family member and take care of them until they leave the hospital. The feedback of our patients has always inspired us to persistently innovate and upgrade our center to bring the patient into their comfort zone.

We are fortunate that orthopedic doctors can choose from a variety of specialties so that they can best treat our condition. Injuries, congenital conditions, old age and disease can all affect the musculoskeletal system, and soft tissue, knee and joint problems increase the complexity of the demand for orthopedic doctors. While many sub-specialties exist, the main categories are: foot and ankle, hand, musculoskeletal oncology, orthopedic trauma, pediatrics, shoulder and elbow surgery, spine treatment, sports medicine, and total joint reconstruction surgery.

The Germanten Hospitals in Hyderabad is one of the few hospitals in India to be equipped with the Robotic arm for knee implants. This premier multispeciality hospital has the latest equipment to carry out a flawless robotic knee replacement operation. Avail the best care and absolutely painless knee replacement surgery under Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan.

The robotic arm can cut to the nearest half millimeter. The installation of knee prostheses is safer and less painful with the use of this latest technology.

The advantages of the robot are numerous. It is more accurate and allows the surgeon to initially scan and model in 3D the knee of the patients . It is thus possible to determine the size of the implant, to adapt to the morphology of the patient. Then, sensors are installed allowing the surgeon to have information in real time, during the operation, on the knee, and in particular to see the retraction of tissues. By modifying the position of the implant by a few degrees, it is possible to arrive at a perfect harmony of the implant with the body, which is decisive for the life of the prosthesis. Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khanis a living symbol of hard work and excellence who has persevered and become one of the most well-known surgeons in the country. His superb work in the field of robotic knee replacement has made Germanten Hospital the most reputed center for orthopedic surgery.

It is possible for you to be relieved entirely of your knee pain now if you opt for a robotic knee replacement at Germanten Hospital.

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